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38 foot Manitou (Montreal) Canoe modelThe history of North America began on the rivers and lakes. First Nations people were first followed by the explorers and fur traders who built large, impressive canoes to transport people and goods. They were known as Voyageur canoes.

Voyageur fur trade canoeNorth Woods Canoe Company has recreated the practical and roomy 34' Voyageur canoe used by the fur traders while retaining its authentic appearance. We use modern construction techniques to give the modern version a level or quality and stability that the original fur traders might have wished for.

Our canoes, including the 34' Voyageur and the smaller 25' Selkirk, are contructed by hand-laminating many layers of woven fibreglass and roving polyester resin which produces one of the most durable and impact resistant canoes available. Kevlar reinforced strips provide additional strength and ridigity. Bottom movement or flex is controlled by sandwiching a light density foam core within the laminate.

North Woods manufacturers a complete line of canoes from 12' to 38' long, kayaks, accessories as well as canoe trailers in addition to ice boats, drift boats, and pontoon boats.

We specialize in supplying goods for outfitters, guides, rental companies, camps and youth groups.